Yuko Armor, with a Long Sword destroying volvidon

Kirin and Barroth armor….about half of it at least lol


Source : http://yatuki.rojo.jp/

FF9 is the best of them all. with FF12 close ehind. i love thsi game.


Monster Hunter 4 characters’ concept art.

I’m so waiting for this game *w*.

Here’s a bit of what’s leaking out :

  • The game will not have water segments (water was one of MH3’s big features)(( Nyo: may the gods you worship bless you, Capcom))
  • There will be some new elements surrounding Felynes. You’ll once again be able to take two Felynes out with you on hunts. ((Nyo: FUCK YES!!!!))
  • The game will have new weapons, but these are being kept secret for now. It will also have new armor designs. ((Nyo: Whatever, just give me Katanas!))
  • The game’s story with the greatest number of NPCs in series history.
  • Monsters will make use of the land formations. ((Nyo: cuz we didn’t have it hard enough...))
  • Under certain conditions, you’ll be able to grab on to the monsters. (I’m not sure if this means you’ll be able to ride the monsters or just latch on to them for attacking.)((Nyo: Monster Hunter Rodeo time!!))
  • You’ll be able to make use of hight differences in the stages to perform jump attacks.
  • The game will have a free camera.
  • Rather than a fixed base camp like past Monster Hunter games, your base camp will now move — somewhat like a caravan.

Info taken from here: http://andriasang.com/con1s7/mh4_details/

Thank you god no more stupid water segments!!

Capcom To Focus On Promoting Monster Hunter 4 Globally

OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!


Ghost Rider by Tom Kelly

Thats badass as fuck!